Richard Hobbs holds the National Collection of Muscari at his Witton Lane garden in Norfolk which he shares with his partner, Sally Ward.

A full listing of the collection can be found on the three following pages Pseudomuscari, Muscari, and Leopoldia


Richard inherited the Muscari collection from Jenny Robinson in about 1995. The National Collection of Muscari includes about 180 different plants some of which came from Jenny Robinson in the first place and others from Dutch nurseries and other Muscari enthusiasts notably Ray Cobb.

There are approximately 62 species in the wild but Richard only attempts to grow the hardy ones. The Muscari reach their peak in March and April in what Sally calls ‘a colourful mosaic of spring bulbs’- although certain species and hybrids start as early as autumn and winter, and others as late as the end of May. They are not all blue either as many assume. As well as every possible blue tone – from the palest baby blue to the deepest indigo, shades of pink, white and yellow also exist.

Richard is continuously adding to the collection.